Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17 - Update

I haven't posted any recipes lately. Perhaps you've noticed? That's pretty much because I haven't cooked much. I did make a spinach-y mac-n-cheese type thing, but it was only kinda good. :)

And then I cooked the enchiladas I had in the freezer--the black bean enchiladas that I already gave you the recipe for. And we went to Jason's Deli after spending ALL day Saturday at the Springs Preserve for the Boy Scout Adventure Base. Which was fun. But lacking in vegetarian options.

And today we are having cheese enchiladas, because that is what I picked up at the store. With refried black beans and spanish rice.

I'll be cooking again soon, though. And I will share recipes with you. And so far, I've managed to not eat meat, although it was really hard yesterday at the Springs Preserve. Grilled meat for sale all around. And then there was Wolfgang Puck's Cafe at the Preserve, which has vegetarian options but is so out of my price range.

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